Client Love

So what does working together actually get you?
Don't just take it from me.
Take it from clients who have seen the results firsthand.
See what they say!


"The Freedom Fast Track has been insanely helpful!"

I LOVED the Freedom Fast Track.

This course has actionable tips that helped change my thought process. Every time I start to get anxious, I’ve completely changed the way I approach it thanks to this course. I love the methods to get out of my head and recenter myself. I’m now able to stop the anxious thoughts before it gets too big and it’s so freeing.

Sarah D - Marketing Analyst

"Nicole's intuitive ability and spiritual touch is both out of this world and completely ground."

I could feel her positive energy all the way on the other side of my zoom screen-- spending time in an energetic bubble with her is a gift. Motivating, honest, and authentic.

I walked away as if a mirror had been held up to me- everything she said I already knew, but I had to be told to believe it.

Cassandra - Freelance Entrepreneur

"The Freedom Fast Track was truly transformative."

I absolutely loved taking this course. I had so many "light bulb" moments. This course has taught me the importance of paving my own highway, being kind to myself, and how to bring more joy into my daily life. I am blessed that I have learnt new tools that I have continued to practice. I look forward to what my next chapter brings me with this new mindset. Thank you Nicole!

Katie G - Grade School Teacher

"The Freedom Fast Track was helpful in shaping new, lighter perspectives."

I’m grateful for this course. This course makes me feel that changes are okay. Changes are great because they help us grow as a person. I liked the guided meditations too. Nicole’s voice is very soothing! I’d recommend this course to those who want to rethink the way they live their life. It is important to understand the beliefs that are holding them back and learn how to transform them!

Linda L - E-Commerce Business Owner

"I wouldn't hesitate to work with Nicole because she's my secret weapon and favorite coach."

I wouldn't have gotten to where I am now without Nicole's compassion.

Not only do I feel very supported, but the clarity I get from each session has helped me move forward in alignment with what I want to do with my life. I'm so grateful for the happiness I now feel.

Rayana - High Transformation Coach

"I've had more transformation in these past 3 months working with Nicole than I have had in my life"

I've worked with a ton of therapists, and none of them compare to the full transformation that Nicole provides.

Nicole walks the walk and embodies the work she teaches.

I've healed tons of my own programming and feel the best I've ever felt.

Molly - Trauma Informed Doula

"Highly knowledgeable and healing for my soul."

She gave me incredible input on who I am and how to move forward in my life. She connected with my higher self and gave me information that blew my mind.

She has made my life infinitely better and I'll recommend her to anyone who is in need of support, growth, understanding, and guidance. She has many powers in her hands.

Lea - Feminine Empowerment Coach

"Nicole has clear and calm energy, which created a really welcoming and comfortable space."

Her ability to channel messages while working through my energy body was really unexpected but so helpful. It felt like a magical experience.

The messages resonated a lot and provided me with more clarity to support my path forward in regard to improving my sacral health and energy body.

Ashley - Dietitian & Nutrition Coach