Learn Basic Yoga in 5 Days

In this 5-Day Yoga Challenge, you will learn 12 yoga poses along with 3 gentle yoga flow sequences that will help you deepen your yoga practice.

Yoga Challenge for Beginners

So many beginners have said to me: 

"I want to try yoga, but I don't even know where to start!" 

Look no further. I’ve made it easy for you and have laid everything out step by step.

Join my free 5-Day Beginner's Yoga Challenge

In this free yoga challenge, you will: 

  • Learn 12 basic yoga poses
  • Practice the poses in four 15-minute gentle yoga sequences
  • Connect deeper to your mind and body through 5 different journal prompts
  • Finish the challenge with a 30-minute flow
  • Gain more confidence in your yoga practice
  • Have access to a global yoga community

Free Yoga For Beginners

Sometimes people don't start yoga because there are too many barriers to entry: 

Expensive classes, feeling the need to have the right clothes and gear, and the fear of failing.

I am here to open the door wide open for you.

This is a free yoga challenge so you can dip your toe in the world of yoga and gain confidence in your practice as a beginner.

Take the leap. I'm here every step of the way. :)