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Get Out of a Rut

Are you a highly ambitious professional stuck in the same old soul-sucking routines, feeling like life is passing you by without any real fulfillment?

Are you struggling with self-improvement, yearning for spiritual growth, or seeking to live your best life with true purpose but you're not sure how to get there?

No worries. I got you.

According to a study by Oracle, "more than 75% of people feel stuck in their careers and personal lives."
Research by Corey Keyes shows that "13% of people are languishing, a state of feeling empty, stuck, and void of purpose."

Your Spiritual Life Coach + Career Coach + Self Love Coach All in One

Hi! I'm Nikki Novoselsky.

  • Your Guide to Freedom & Expansion

You can't put me in a box, but my passion for helping people find their light in their jobs, businesses and themselves ties everything together.

I was once stuck in a career I hated, in a body I couldn't accept, and in a life that made me miserable.

It wasn't until I studied and dove deep into mindfulness tools and energy healing that my life completely changed. 

    To Be Happy with Inner Peace -- Life Coaching

    Heal Your Mind Body & Spirit

    Through my unique SoulSync Integration Method, I help you break free from limiting mindset patterns, raise your vibration, and create an aligned strategic plan to achieve your most ambitious dreams.

    If you're looking to finally find that job that lights you up, call in a loving partner, and have your most successful period of your life yet... then, let's work together.

    Time to Live with Purpose

    If you're feeling:

    • Stuck in your same patterns
    • Hitting a wall not making progress forward
    • In the same dreadful place you were a year ago

    My goodness, do I feel you.

    There's a path forward.

    Let me guide you to actually start feeling ALIVE.

    Ready to be happy with inner peace?

    The Inner Healing Framework

    Let's Get Started -My Gifts to You

    Get all of the resources you need to move forward toward living a purpose-led life!

    Here are some tools for your healing journey: 

    • The Freedom Fast Track Membership
    • FREE Mindset Magnet Workshop
    • FREE Beginners Yoga 5-Day Challenge
    • FREE Attitude of Gratitude Workshop
    Work With Me -- Nicole Novoselsky

    Let Your Healing Journey Continue  

    To Be Happy with Inner Peace Life Coaching

    "Nikki's intuitive ability and spiritual touch is both out of this world and completely ground."

    I could feel her positive energy all the way on the other side of my zoom screen-- spending time in an energetic bubble with her is a gift. Motivating, honest, and authentic.

    I walked away as if a mirror had been held up to me- everything she said I already knew, but I had to be told to believe it.


    "The session validated anxieties I had about my life, which made me feel seen."

    Nikki got quite specific. She pointed out a health issue I never told anyone before! She predicted that I would meet a good partner that would love me the way I want within a month. And it happened! It's been over a year since the session, my partner and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary and we are still very much happy to be in each other's lives!


    "Highly knowledgeable and healing for my soul."

    She gave me incredible input on who I am and how to move on in my life. She connected with my higher self and gave me information that blew my mind.

    I'm incredibly grateful, she has made my life better and I'll recommend her to anyone who is in need of support, growth, understanding, guidance. She has many powers in her hands.

    Lea S.

    “My first ever chakra reading and energy healing session”

    I came to the session without any pre-conceptions of what would happen. I absolutely loved it and I was amazed how Nikki was able to very intuitively read me, and see problems which have been present within me for a long time.
    I highly recommend booking a session with her if you want to get a deeper understanding of where you currently are in life.


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