5 Tips on How to Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Life for the Better

Ever wonder why even though you want to change your life, you somehow still slip back into old patterns?

Change is hard.

It’s much easier for our brains to live in our comfort zones, and even if we have a huge desire to think differently, experiment with new hobbies, apply for that new job, or stick to a workout routine, there’s a bigger desire to stay comfortable that often wins. 

Until the conscious desire to change is greater than the subconscious desire to stay the same, then you may keep living the same patterns over and over again. 

Our brains are so used to living in our comfort zone, that it takes a massive shift of energy and an unruly desire to truly alter our lives. 

Here are 5 quick tips on how to change your mindset, become more mindful, and actually start living a joyous, fulfilling life.

mindfulness, change your life to transform for the better

1. Become Aware of Your Thoughts

Our thoughts dictate our actions, which turns into behaviors and habits.

How often are we really tuning into what our thoughts are saying? 

Are they berating you for that outfit you’re wearing?

What about that small mistake you made at your job?

Will your brain let it go or are you hyper-focused on it all day?

Are you constantly questioning your decisions or are you giving yourself pep talks throughout the day? 

Tune in and start listening to what’s going on. 

Meditation -- Become Self Aware

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2. Understand Fear 

Fear is quite the old friend.

It’s an instilled part of our human nature – for good reason.

Fear is simply trying to protect us – how sweet! 
Except when it’s ruining our lives. 

The thing is: fear is necessary.

It’s trying to keep us alive.

It keeps us grounded.

Yet, if you don’t know how to cultivate your relationship with fear, it will end up running the show.

Keeping you playing small.

Keeping you stuck always wondering “what if.” 

Understand Fear and become more mindful

You don’t want to be the one sitting around questioning “well, what if I would’ve done this…” versus the one cheerfully reminiscing on “wow, remember when I did that!” 

It’s important to recognize fear and thank it for trying to protect you.

Tell fear to hop in the car, but it’s not allowed to drive.

It’s only allowed in the backseat where it can only chime in if you’re truly getting in harm’s way. 

Otherwise, you’re pressing the gas pedal to the metal toward your dreams. 

(and then know that fear will probably come up every step of the journey, and that’s okay. Listen to it. Let it speak its peace, and thank it for its contribution in helping guide you. Tell fear that you will take everything its saying into consideration as you make your plan, and then kick it to the backseat where it belongs.)

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3. Enhance Gratitude

It can be easy to travel down the victim rabbit hole of wondering “why me?”

“Why are all of these not-so-fun things happening to me?” 

Gratitude shifts us back to a more loving perspective.

It allows us to appreciate the things we do have instead of harping on all the things we don’t.

When you’re grateful, the things in your life shine brighter.

You savor your life more.

You give new meaning to the people, places, and small moments. 

Your life becomes a joyous dance instead of a sorrowful pity party. 

What can you become more grateful for today? 

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4. Be Present

When we become aware of our thoughts, we will start to notice that our brains often live in the future or the past.

We constantly think of our schedule for the next day, how we’re going to reach our future goals  or the previous events of our last day, week or year.

When we ruminate on the past or get caught up in the future, we are missing out on the only thing that is truly real: the present. 

This is where life happens.

Life doesn’t happen in the future, nor can you change the past.

Instead, you are living right here right now.

You are writing the narrative.

You are creating your memories that future you will eventually look back on – but at this current moment you are always at choice. 

When you live in the present, you squash fear.

You explore how things are in real time instead of agonizing over what ifs.

You start to become more aware of your external surroundings and find joy in the trivialities. 

Be present mindfulness tip

You learn what it’s like to live in your body.

The sensations.

The senses.

You create lasting memories because you actually had your full undivided attention participating instead of having your brain in 10 different timelines. 

An easy way to come back to the present? 
Take a big breath in through the nostrils.

Fill the belly with air. Feel the chest rise.

Focus on this breathe.

As Eckhart Tolle recommends in his book “The Power of Now” say to  yourself: “I wonder what my next thought is going to be.”

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5. Understand Nothing is Personal

It can be frustrating when other people don’t see our perspective, or even worse…when we feel like someone is judging our own actions and decisions. 

One of the greatest forms of freedom is understanding that nothing is ever personal.

Everyone is simply basing their decisions and actions upon their own perspective – which was formed from their life experiences and environment. 

Instead of coming in guns blazing and condemning people with beliefs different than yours, can you get curious? A

sk three simple words: “tell me more”

This allows you to understand more where this person is coming from.

Zoom out, and remember nothing anyone says or does is ever truly personal.

That can be a sad fact or the most liberating feeling. Up to you. :)  

Nothing is personal mindfulness tip

Hi! I'm Nicole. A brain hacking mentor on a mission to help you optimize your mindset to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling and joyous life.

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