¡Feliz Mayo! Life in Bali Update

It’s my one year anniversary of writing newsletters! Someone sound the alarm!

This has truly been a labor of love, and I have committed to you all for 12 months.

So thank you thank you thank you for being such dedicated readers! I love you endlessly. For realz. 

So much has happened in the past year, yet at the same time, it weirdly feels like no time has passed.

I have grown so much emotionally, spiritually and mentally….

Physically and financially…. Well, not so much…..[insert smiley teardrop emoji again]. But I digress.

One thing has remained the same: my writing style.

Yep, same old inner voice spilling out as I clack away at the keyboard to express the inner workings of my mind.

And y’all are here for it!

So thanks for allowing me to be me and supporting me every step of the way.

I can’t even type enough words to express my profound gratitude for your support.

So put simply: thank you. 

Life in Bali Update

My time here in Bali has been magical, magnificent, and eye opening.

I’ve learned new skills and lessons (some the hard way) and have created relationships that will expand the bounds of this country.

These people have become my family, and I’ve nestled in so much that I consider Bali a home.

I say “a home” because I don’t think one place will ever feel like “the home” for the rest of my life. 

As a wandering soul, I think home is subjective.

Nature feels like home. Writing in cozy cafes feels like home. A welcoming culture feels like home.

Bali is all of those warm fuzzy feelings all bundled up in one. A place for my soul to rest before I head off on the next adventure. 

That being said, I have some news. I don’t think this will be shocking, but….

I am officially not coming home any time soon--well, maybe for a visit--becauseeeee...

A few friends and I applied to have a business here in Indonesia, which comes with a 2-year extendable work visa.

So, in a few short months, I will be able to work on the ground here and make money (HELLOOOO YOGA RETREATS).

ANNND I will be able to come in and out of the country whenever I want for however long I want. 

Yeah, it’s pretty ideal and really freaking exciting.

So, book your flights. Come visit. I’ll put on my tour guide cap and show ya a good time. 

Other than that, I don’t really have any other profound news from this past month. I was looking back through the photos that represent April, and basically it’s all food and beaches.

So yeah, can’t really complain there. 

A delectable dish from one of my favorite restaurants, Quince.

Solo Travel Adventure

What is currently going on: 

I am on a solo travel adventure.

Call Elizabeth Gilbert. Because ya girl is essentially writing the sequel to Eat Pray Love. 

It’s a choose your own adventure. With no set plans or itinerary.

I just do whatever I’m feeling for the day.

I’ve been reaching out to my follower base and asking for help in choosing what to do, and then I do it.

A unique way to travel and live that’s for sure.

There is so much freedom.

No alarm clock. No duties or responsibilities. Just me, myself and my thoughts. 

So far, I’ve been in the northern jungle of Bali.

Trekking, exploring temples, picking strawberries, and dancing in the rain. Yes, I know how to keep myself entertained, thank you very much.

I could go in deep detail about all of these activities, but I think pictures and videos are worth far more than what I could describe.

My morning view from my tent in the Northern jungle of Bali.

So, I am making a vlog about my adventure. I'll split the videos up by city.

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified of when it comes out! :) 

Every day, I keep learning about myself.

What triggers me. What excites me. What conversations I can strike up with strangers.

I actually just completed a Pranic Healing training and have plans to visit 2 more spiritual psychics in Ubud this week to help me hone my gifts.

I will be sure to write all about it in upcoming blog posts and the next newsletter. How's that for a taste of what's to come? :) 

This experience has been incredible thus far, and the crazy part is that it’s just getting started. 

So tune in and come along for the ride. 

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Jade Yoga Ambassador 

The other thing that happened this month is that I am now a Jade Yoga Ambassador.

What does this mean? Good question. 

It means that I have an affiliate link that if you want to buy any eco-friendly, durable yoga gear that now is the time. 

I have the travel mat, and I am in loveeee with it. It’s so thin, yet cushiony and compact. I love it so much that it made the short list of things to bring on this backpacking adventure.

So, if you’re just starting yoga and/or are looking for new gear, this is the perfect opportunity to stock up. 

Make sure to use my link if you are indeed interested. :) 

The Adventure Continues

I can already tell that this month will be a WHIRLWINDDDD.

So pop on the roller coaster with me and come along for the ride.

I will be doing my best to post on all the forms of social media….

YouTube for yoga and meditation videos and travel vlogs

Instagram & Facebook for life updates on this journey

TikTok (@ohtheplacesyoullflow) for fun little videos (fun fact: I made a video of me speaking Indonesian and it went viral)

My website for yoga, meditation and travel blogs

Pick your platform. Or follow me on all of them because I love sharing this experience with you. 

Thanks again for all of your support! 

Sending you so much love always. 



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