Pranic Healing -- The Miracle Producer

We’ve all heard those feel good stories about miracles. 

Someone is deathly ill with only a few weeks left to live somehow keeps pushing through to miraculously add on 10 years of exuberant living.

Even small miracles happen.

Seeing a sign just at the right moment, or running into a person who somehow helps you on your path.

The situations can go on and on. 

Ubud Bali Pranic Healing

Energy & Holistic Healing

Moral of the story is, miracles happen every day due to tapping into energy.

Every interaction you have is an exchange of energy.

The world is made up of energy, vibrations and frequencies. 

Prana is the universal life force energy.

Angel's Billabong Pranic Energy Healing

The Mind Body Connection

All of our thoughts actually produce an energetic vibration.

Try this: 

  1. For one-minute straight say the nicest things you can to yourself. Give yourself huge compliments. See how this feels in your body. Does a smile come across your face? If someone were to come up to you and say hi, how would you respond? Enthusiastically? 
  2. Now, say really rude things to yourself. See how this feels in your body and recognize the difference. If someone were to come say hi to you now, what would be your response? How does it differ to your other hello when you were thinking the positive thoughts? 

In this situation, the change of energy is evident. Your negative thoughts actually tainted your body, actions and behaviors. 

Most physical ailments are the result of an untreated emotion. 

For years, scientists have been studying the effects of emotions on health.

Tracy J. Mayne, PhD Psychology Professor and Director at New York City’s Department of Health discusses how “emotions play an important regulatory role in health, and when operating within a certain range, they promote overall functioning. When they operate outside of this range, they lead to disregulation and disease.”

Angel's Billabong Pranic Healing

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What is Pranic Healing?

This brings us to our main point. Pranic Healing. 

What is it exactly? 

Pranic Healing is a no-touch technique that removes negative energy from someone’s aura, chakras and organs. 

With intention and calculated movements, pranic healing dispels negative energy and recharges a person with clean prana, or life force energy.

This means that a person may feel better immediately after a session. 

Sometimes, for more severe cases, more sessions have to ensue.

Not only does pranic healing clear physical ailments, but it is also used on emotional distress too.

The most interesting part is that the person doesn’t even have to be face-to-face. This energy clearing technique also works distally. 

You could be anywhere in the world receiving treatment as long as you provide permission and are receptive. 

Pranic Healing Training Certification Ubud Bali

After I got my pranic healing certification, I was eager to try the techniques on real people who needed treatment.

I practiced on close friends and family who were skeptical at first.

For years, my dad had trouble with his eyesight. He said in one eye he would see a lot of fog and shadows.

With no expectations, I tried a brief, spontaneous pranic healing session on him.

During the process, he started bellowing with excitement about how the shadows in his eyesight were diminishing. 

“I can see more clearly than I have in years!” He was shouting. 

My mom had to double check that this wasn’t a prank.

He seriously felt better.

Some would say it’s a miracle. 

Pranic healers would just say it’s energy. :) 

If you’re curious to try a pranic healing session, you can have an energy and holistic healing session with me.

It should be noted that pranic healing does not take the place of medical treatment. Pranic healing can be used in conjunction to medicine. 


Mayne, T. J. (2001). Emotions and health. In T. J. Mayne & G. A. Bonanno (Eds.), Emotions and social behavior. Emotions: Currrent issues and future directions (p. 361–397). Guilford Press.. 

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