10-Minute Meditation

When I first started to meditate, I didn't know if I was doing it correctly. My mind kept wandering to the judgment that I was doing it wrong, which never allowed me to fully relax. In this meditation, I will guide you to keep your focus on your breath in order to reach a deep relaxation.

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Many of us are programmed to keep running nonstop. We have long winded to-do lists, friends to call, millions of advertisements clogging our brains, social media feeds to scroll, news channels reminding us of all of the chaos going on in the world, and pressure from ourselves and others to succeed and find purpose in life. It feels like we don’t have time to sit and do nothing!

Maybe you have tried to sit with yourself and do nothing, but ten seconds in you realized your brain was rapidly firing, so you needed to distract yourself by getting up and doing other so-called more productive things. Been there. Done that. And hey, that’s totally fine.

We all start somewhere.

Meditating for the brain is the same as physical exercise for the body. When you first start weight lifting or running, you start light and slow, and little by little you see results.

The same with meditating. It may feel really difficult at first. That is totally normal. Yet, the benefits occur when you persevere.

When you can accept that meditation is simply giving yourself quiet moments without needing or expecting anything from it is when meditation becomes liberating.

We will begin with a 10-minute meditation that focuses on your breath to calm your mind. Feel free to repeat this meditation every day. You will start to see a clearer mind with repetition of this meditation.


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