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Hi! I'm Nicole -
Your Guide in Creating A Life Worth Living

  • A Brain Hacking Mindfulness Mentor, Yoga Teacher, Full-Time Traveler, & Energy Healer

If you've gotten stuck in a boring routine, I feel you.

I was once stuck in a career I hated, in a body I couldn't accept, and in a life that made me miserable.

It wasn't until I left my job to study and learn brain hacking tools all around the world that I went on my own personal growth journey to live a happier life.

Now I: 

  • Live my best life traveling the world full-time as a life coach teaching mindfulness
  • Love myself and my body more than ever
  • Have the tools to manage stress and anxiety

Living your best life means your thoughts align with your values, and your actions align with your deepest mission.

To Be Happy with Inner Peace -- Life Coaching

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