Part 2: 10 Best Things To Do in San Francisco

San Francisco has countless awe-inspiring tourist sights. It's a city with so much life and vibrance that it's hard to get bored. Here's part two of the best things to do in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

If you didn’t go to The Golden Gate Bridge, did you really go to San Francisco?

Making the most of our bus pass, we hopped on en route to The Golden Gate Bridge. Now, I’ve seen The Golden Gate Bridge featured in countless movies and photos, yet there is this exhilarating essence when you actually see it in person. A luring gravitational pull reels you in and elates you with delight.

There was a permanent smile on my face when I stood in front of the bridge. We decided to trek halfway out and then walk back. We didn’t go all the way across due to time constraints. Yet, we were happy to simply be on the bridge and look out at the city. It was a moment of pure bliss, really taking in the moment and being grateful. I love when my meditation practice spans out of my bedroom and into the world as I take in incredible sights and am present to my breath and the notion I am alive.

It was quite windy, but luckily we had windbreakers. Even though San Francisco has beautifully consistent mild weather, it can sometimes give you the chills with the wind. Always good to be prepared!

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After sleeping off our jam-packed first day in San Francisco, we were rejuvenated for day 2! We woke up bright and early to get in line for tickets to tour Alcatraz since we didn’t pre-order them.

Alcatraz Jail Cell

We had heard that they only allow a certain number of people in without pre-paid tickets, so we got there an hour before the gates opened to find ourselves 6th in line.

It all worked out! We were able to get tickets and boarded the ferry to tour the infamous island.

The tour is fascinating with so much to see and learn. Did you know that people casually lived on the island next to the prison? Children would be nonchalantly playing in their own yard while the prisoners were on their breaks. This juxtaposition is astounding to me!

If you are in San Francisco, I highly recommend taking this tour if you are interested in learning about history. There is also a phenomenal panoramic view of the whole city from the island.

Since we did the tour early in the morning, we had the rest of our day for more activities.

Giants Game at AT&T Park

Giants Game at AT&T Park

One of my best friends lives in San Francisco, so we met up with her and her family to enjoy a Giants game at AT&T Park.

Being from Chicago and growing up with baseball games at Wrigley Field, I thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere at a baseball game. From the hotdogs, peanuts and singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” baseball games are always a blast no matter what stadium you’re in.

However, AT&T Park is extraordinary.

It is overlooking the water, so while you are watching the game, you are also observing ships go by as the clouds roll in. It is a magnificent sight to see, and it truly adds to the comforting, patriotic vibe that you already feel at a baseball game.

Haight & Ashbury

Haight & Ashbury San Francisco

This eccentric, bohemian neighborhood is oozing with history, as it was the birthplace of the hippie movement.

The hippie vibe is ingrained in this neighborhood with the shops and restaurants showcasing a range of colors, artwork and funky trinkets. Its super eccentric and got some cool spiritual vibes.

It is definitely another side of San Francisco that is fun to see.

As always with travel especially as a female, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Especially In this neighborhood, it is a good idea to keep an extra alert eye.


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Cable Car

Cable Car in San Francisco

We finished the night riding through San Francisco via cable car. It’s a must-do, really. It is so easy to hop on and off, and it is a wonderful way to get around town.

It was quite a joy ride, indeed. We were supposed to stay on for a few minutes, but decided to skip our stop and keep going because of how much fun we were having.

With the hilly roads, going up and down is almost equivalent to a leisurely roller coaster. We never wanted to get off!

Our time in San Francisco had come to an end, but we were absolutely thrilled with everything we saw and experienced. We fell in love with the city in a short two days.

Can you believe this was just the start of our trip? It was the perfect way to begin our road trip before we immersed ourselves in nature.

To begin our road trip, we took the BART to SFO airport to pick up our rental car. It was such an easy process.

We were enamored with our car–Nina the Nissan. Please tell me that you also name your cars too! She drove brilliantly. What a way to explore the Western US.

Continue with me on my road trip in the Western US by reading my National Parks Destination Guide! My friend Carly and I made our way to 8 national parks in just 12 short days.

If you want to tell me about your experience in San Francisco or about a different solo trip or road trip you took, feel free to drop me a line. I am always happy to hear from you!

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