Ultimate Uluwatu Restaurant Guide -- Part 1

Uluwatu is the southernmost part of Bali known for its impeccable surf scene and chill lifestyle (check out the unique beaches in my Ultimate Uluwatu Beach Guide).

Every restaurant I dined at had a homey, refreshing and welcoming vibe .

I absolutely loved my time in Uluwatu while traveling in Bali, and I hope this guide enhances your trip there as well.


Ours in Uluwatu has a nice cozy vibe and a menu with plenty of different options.

From an extensive brunch menu, to delightful appetizers, to salads and mains, I have never been disappointed here by a meal.

The hummus is an all-time fav because it's a big warm skillet full of hummus topped with olives and tomatoes.

Also, you cannot go wrong with the vegan bowl, which satisfied every craving I had with beans, avocado, toast, tofu, mushrooms, spinach and potatoes.

Their vegan pancakes also lived up to very high expectations.

Vegan Pancakes Uluwatu Ours Bali

The fruit sauce that covered the whole pancake was so tasty, I was scraping my plate to get every last bite.

Along with the pancakes, I had their banana protein smoothie. Let’s just say, I leave the restaurant very full and very content every time I go.

You can't go wrong here. Whatever you are craving, Ours probably has a high-quality version of it. You can taste the quality.

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Chela has emerged as my favorite restaurant in Uluwatu.

It’s got a cute vibe with the option to sit on pillows on the floor to get cozy.

The reason it is my favorite is because it has these awesome sharing platters for two where you get to sample a ton of different items on their menu.

Since I can never decide on a single dish to order at a restaurant, this sampler platter is amazing.

Chela Uluwatu Bali Indonesia Sampler Platter

You get both savory and sweet in one.

They have different platters for breakfast and dinner along with single dishes as well if you want to do your own thing.

It’s also high quality and high vibe food.

Chela is now my go-to restaurant for delicious food and getting work done. It helps that they have fast wifi to do coworking as well. 

Il Salotto 

It’s settled.

Il Salotto is my favorite Italian place on the island.

Everything is perfect. The vibes. The food. The drinks.

It’s got everything you could ever want and need.

The gluten free bread is too delicious for its own good.

I fill up on the bread and then get frustrated that I’m too full to eat the whole menu because the pasta is magnificent.

It is pure authentic Italian….which is hard to find in Bali.

Lots of wannabe Italian places, yet nothing has proven to be the real deal….until Il Salotto.

If you eat fish, there is an octopus dish that is phenomenal.

Vegetarian Burger Il Salotto Uluwatu

Also, the vegetarian Go Green sandwich (featured in the photo) is now my favorite vegetarian sandwich on the island. No joke.

Whatever you choose, you can wash it down with Limoncellos and feel like you are right in the heart of Italy.

Go indulge and enjoy, you will thank me later.


With cliffside views, a pool, and tasty food, Mana is always a great choice.

There are lots of different options on the menu, yet they are known for their tacos—for good reason.

One of my favorite days in Uluwatu was eating corn on the cob and fish tacos while staring across the pool to watch the sun go down.

Mana Uluwatu Sunset

Also, afterwards for sport, you can take a look at the Uluwatu Surf Villas attached and see these beautiful (and pricey) villas.

It’s fun to pretend you’re on house hunters and indulge in villa window shopping after a good meal. 


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This French restaurant is a treat. I still dream about the Soufflé’ Omelet.

You know whatever you order, it’s going to be good.

Especially the dessert. The vegan chocolate mousse (featured in the photo) was delectable....and dangerous.

It soothes every chocolate craving I have without any guilt.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Gooseberry Uluwatu Bali

There is a small pool and a nice little work environment in big cozy chairs inside.

You can tell they aren’t necessarily open to having this as a digital nomad space, since they have only a small designated work area.

Yet, they do have good wifi and awesome food if you do need to get work done. 

Casa Asia

Nope, it’s not Mexican or Spanish food, nor is it Asian food despite the name.

It is Italian.

One would think that perhaps the food wouldn’t be good without an authentic Italian name, but I was proven wrong.

There is a delicious popular burrata dish served with lots of flatbread.

Also, the pizza is indeed quite good.

Burrata at Casa Asia Uluwatu

They have great specials here too. I once had an octopus gnocchi dish that will forever be remembered.

Every time I come back, it's not on the specials menu. So savor the specials while you can! 

It’s quite the spot to fill any Italian craving any day of the week.

Suka Espresso

Suka has a great meal for a decent price.

There are a lot of great menu options ranging from nice tuna dishes to an extensive breakfast menu.

Suka Espresso Uluwatu Bali Tuna Dish

I’ve never been disappointed with a dish.

You can also do work there and hangout for a bit.

Since it’s settled in a prime spot closest to the southernmost tip of Uluwatu, it is quite the popular cafe.

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